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Here you can read loglines for some of my narrative fiction scripts and also click on links to non-fiction articles below.  If you'd like any more information, or to read any of the scripts, please email me on:

Feature-length Screenplays

Mother Mary

Mary, a 42-year-old newly adoptive mother fears she lacks the natural ability to nurture her son, because she couldn't conceive. When a homeless, pregnant teenager takes up residence on her sofa, Mary finds the instinct to help the young woman and in process realize what it means to be a mother. 


104 pages

*Development supported by Sundance Institute / Knight Foundation Fellowship

What the Point Is

After realizing she mispronounced a word in her most famous song, 1980’s pop singer, now a stay-at- home suburban mom, sets out to fix her musical legacy with a new recording. But with a seriously- ill husband and a struggling teenaged daughter, Shauna must face what really needs to be repaired, before her family falls apart.

Dramedy with music

98 pages

The Fixer

In 1999, war-weary East Timor, on the eve of an important vote, a mild-mannered radio reporter, Matilde, plans to make her mark in journalism. At the same time, a local English teacher, Alexandre, seeks to make enough money to buy his family’s safety. Nether of them think they’ll fall in love. But as residents of the tiny island bravely declare their independence, Matilde and Alex must also take bold steps to change the course of their own personal histories.

War Romance

110 pages

*Developed in Sundance Collab Screenwriting Course

Short Plays and Screenplays

The Offering, A _ _ _ _ Story

Set in a dystopian New York, where poets control access to the vocabulary, one person wants to tell another what they feel, but they do not own the words to do it. Can they get a share of LOVE before it's all bought up by the elite?

Short Play

12 pages

4 actors (gender-neutral)

The Offering was conceived as a radio drama for the Radio COTE 24-hour newsroom in New York City in January 2013. It was re-written and work-shopped on stage, for The Network One-Act Festival, New York City, in February 2014. The Offering was voted “Best Play” by audience and industry members, at the Network One-Act Festival, New York City. 


Two suburban couples on opposite ends of the gun control debate try to have a casual dinner party. But as the tension builds, they are forced to confront the truth and find, to their shock, that they share a mutual compassion. But can they stop the forces that are trying to keep them at odds with each other? As Hell (the living room) literally freezes over, the tame, suburban couples find themselves taking on the biggest threats to our humanity: politicians and news oligarchs, both represented by demons haunting their homes.

Short Screenplay

14 pages

4 actors (gender neutral)

Treadmill received a rehearsed reading at Women in the Arts and Media "Conversations in America" event in 2017

Jeter Loves Me, This I Know

In development. 

Treatment:   Faith is a thirty-something novice, about to take her final vows as a Catholic nun. She also happens to be the childhood crush of Derek Jeter, who still loves her, and lets her know this regularly. Caught between Jeter and Jesus, Faith has to decide if she loves either, or neither. 

Short Screenplay in Development

Approximately 15 pages

Non-Fiction writing


Links to some of my freelance writing through the years

This one was a cover story for Wine Enthusiast:

Top-Notch Cuisine at Bargain Prices